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2019 Annual Conference Featured Speakers
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2019 Annual Conference Featured Speakers

The Big AHA - How to Embrace Today’s Trends to Create Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Jack UldrichJack Uldrich

Global Futurist, Speaker, and Author

Jack Uldrich is a renowned global futurist and the best-selling author of 12 books. He is a frequent guest on national media and regularly appears on the Science Channel, the Discovery Channel, CNN, CNBC and National Public Radio. Jack is also an ongoing contributor on emerging technologies and future trends for a number of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired Magazine and BusinessWeek. He is a prolific speaker on technology, change management and leadership and has addressed Fortune 100 corporations, venture capital firms, associations, not-for-profit organizations and state and regional governments on five continents. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and two children.


Jack Uldrich is an acclaimed global futurist, speaker, and best-selling author who is frequently asked, “What will the future look like?” His response is, “Predictably unpredictable.” So how can you prepare for the unpredictable? The answer will surprise you. The key is embracing paradox: learning to unlearn, thinking about the unthinkable, recognizing failure as a key component of success, and understanding that an awareness of one’s ignorance is a key component of true wisdom.

Building A Culture Of Leadership

Brett CulpBrett Culp

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Founder of the not-for-profit, The Rising Heroes Project

Brett Culp is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of the not-for-profit, The Rising Heroes Project. He is known for the films, Legends of the Knight, and his latest, Look to the Sky, both of which explore the power of heroic stories and heroic individuals to inspire us to believe in a better tomorrow. On stage, he encourages audiences to find the superhero within and their own path to “everyday leadership.” His insights on connecting individuals to an organization's mission and goals resonate, help us realize our greatest personal and business potential, and renew our collective sense of hope for the future and belief that our efforts can make an impact.


Brett delivers a positive vision for developing a culture that unlocks the heroic spirit in everyone. Drawing from his unique approach to community building through filmmaking, he shares practical insights that will equip each member of your team to embrace their strengths, contribute to your larger mission, and uncover a more expansive view of what you can accomplish together. Attendees learn how to create and maintain environments that spark dialogue and collaboration between diverse groups of people, ultimately building stronger communities and greater impact. This presentation encourages and inspires audiences to take ownership and feel confident about their ability to make a difference. Brett's hopeful message helps attendees find an authentic path to leadership while personally connecting them to your organization's biggest goals.

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Etay MaorEtay Maor

Chief Security Officer

Etay is a chief security officer and a recognized cyber security professional. A security evangelist, Etay regularly presents at industry events and academic master classes as well as volunteer for educational security awareness programs.

Previously, Etay was an executive security advisor at IBM/Trusteer focusing on training enterprises for responding to cyber breaches. Prior to that Etay was the Head of RSA’s Cyber Threats Research Labs where he managed malware research and intelligence teams and was part of cutting-edge security research.

Etay holds a BA in Computer Science and a MA in Counter Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism. Etay is an adjunct professor at Boston College teaching the “Designing offensive and defensive capabilities” course. Eaty contributed to the ICT (International Institute for Counterterrorism) in cybersecurity and cyberterrorism topics.


We read about hacks and breaches on a daily basis, but what do we actually know about these cybercrime groups and how they conduct these attacks? In this session, we will dive into basic hacking techniques, demonstrate what types of tools hackers are using today, examine the scope of these attacks, and discuss best practices on how to protect ourselves and our businesses. Demonstrations will include Phishing, WiFi attacks, USB based attacks, social engineering, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and more. It is only once you understand how the attacker operates that you can defend against these attacks.

Hype or Reality? Your Workplace and Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & the Internet of Things

Theresa Tracker PaytonTheresa Tracker Payton

President and CEO, Fortalice Solutions, LLC and co-Founder of Dark3

The first female to serve as White House chief information officer, featured in the 100 Fascinating Women Fighting Cybercrime book, and named #4 on IFSEC Global’s list of the world’s Top 50 cybersecurity influencers in security & fire 2017, Theresa is one of America’s most respected authorities on cybersecurity, data breaches, fraud mitigation and combating manipulation campaigns. With real-world strategies and solutions, she helps public and private sector organizations protect their most valuable resources.

Drawing from her experience as a veteran cybercrime fighter and entrepreneur of her successful, rapidly-growing and 2019 Cybersecurity 500 recognized firm, Fortalice, Theresa masterfully blends memorable anecdotes with cutting-edge insights to heighten awareness of the perils of our uber-connected world. As she delves into the cyber-underworld and the new kinds of threats that can lead to tomorrow’s breaches and insider risks, she offers a proven blueprint for audiences to stay a step ahead with practical steps for thinking like the adversary, while managing cybersecurity risk.

Theresa’s distinct approachability, combined with her visionary perspective and easy-to-implement strategies, effectively prepare audiences for success in the ongoing battle against cybercrime.


New technologies are in the news every day but is it all just hype or a true workplace reality? Are you leveraging Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & the Internet of Things as part of your go to market strategy? You may wonder, are these data elements safe from hackers? Payton explains how to harness these newer technologies to achieve business goals while incorporating safeguards to fight cybercriminals and how the Blockchain could be your new security BFF and how Cryptocurrency, AI, and the Internet of Things have quickly become key drivers of global change.

Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!

Jeff HavensJeff Havens

Professional Speaker

Jeff Havens is not your typical business growth expert. His uncanny ability to provide actionable answers to today’s business challenges in an undeniably entertaining and impactful way has put him in front of over 1,000 eager audiences across North America and Asia. Delivering well-researched and relevant business insight is something a lot of keynote speakers do, but combining that with the entertainment value of a comedy show is not. Engaging, charismatic, and full of energy, Jeff Havens is the only business growth expert who provides serious solutions in a seriously funny way. But even more than that, Jeff makes things easy. All of us are constantly being asked to do more with less, so the last thing you need is someone to tell you how difficult your challenges are. Jeff has a unique ability to simplify seemingly complex problems in a way that will provide your audience with a fresh perspective, one that runs counter to the conventional wisdom of the business world. He’ll show you that we’re not actually creating a completely new type of person every 15 years, that being innovative is not something only a few special people know how to do, and that both exceptional leadership and exceptional customer experiences are built on surprisingly slender foundations. You will leave Jeff’s keynotes refreshed, relaxed, happy, and more confident than ever that you are prepared for the road ahead.


The first of its kind, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! helps managers and executives become better leaders by showing them everything they should avoid – including how to create a culture of fear and mistrust, how to oppress and demoralize employees, and how to stand firm in the face of all change – before wrapping up with a serious conversation about the kind of leaders we should all strive to become.

Bridging Generational Gaps: Working as One

Amelie KaramAmelie Karam

Millennial Speaker & Consultant

After studying at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Richmond University in London, and finishing her degree in Performance and Film Studies from Loyola University in New Orleans, Amelie Karam recognized that people in her Gen Y age group, known as “Millennials,” view the world differently than do previous generations. The great divide between Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y piqued Amelie’s interest. Amelie is passionate about bridging generational gaps. She speaks and consults both nationally and internationally about how organizations can better work together to attract and retain the Millennial generation to ultimately bridge generational gaps.Through her Millennial perspective and rich research, along with her background in theatre, film, health, and wellness, Amelie brings an entertaining and informative voice to this important and highly sought-after topic of bridging generational gaps.


There is a “changing of the guard” in the workplace. Boomers are retiring at an accelerated rate and Generation X and Millennials filling the voids. This talk helps attendees clearly understand and think about how different generations respond in the workplace and how to use those generational differences to create more favorable work environments. The audience leaves this presentation with a broader understanding of all generations and how critical it is that different generations be respected for their unique contributions, as well as their differences.

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019

Lisa ReginaldiLisa Reginaldi

Leadership Partner, Gartner

Lisa Reginaldi is a Gartner Leadership Partner within the Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Domain. Lisa has over 34 years experience in the IT industry, including leading transformation efforts across the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Intelligence Community and several state agencies across the U.S. She is passionate about helping members establish enterprise architecture as a solid, practical discipline with a clear focus on delivering measurable business outcomes. Lisa has a successful track record of accomplishments serving as a C-Suite technical advisor to DOD, Intelligence Community, Federal Agencies and state agencies; developing enterprise transformation strategies that maximize technology investments, while incorporating innovation and driving business results in relevant technical subjects and trends such as portfolio management, business process re-engineering, technical methodologies, standards, cloud architectures, risk management framework, enterprise strategy and transformation, enterprise data management, cybersecurity and trusted architectures. Lisa holds a Masters degree in Business Intelligence.


Driving innovation is more complex than ever as companies seek to innovate beyond products into services, ecosystems and business models. Simply building better products and services for customers is no longer sufficient. Innovation leaders are expected to link ideas, information, technologies and services — all while maintaining a customer-first and business-first perspective. Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 highlights strategic trends that are not yet widely recognized but have broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption. This session explores those trends and features public sector early adopters.

Fireside Chat: Taking the Driver’s Seat through your Digital Transformation Journey

Sheila JordanSheila Jordan

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Symantec

Sheila Jordan is senior vice president and chief information officer at Symantec. She is responsible for driving Symantec’s information technology strategy and operations ensuring that the company has the right talent, stays ahead of technology trends and maximizes the value of technology investments. Her goal is to drive increased productivity, better efficiency and strategic business partnerships through simple and intuitive experiences for Symantec’s global workforce.

Since joining Symantec in February 2014, Sheila has set the vision and strategy for Symantec IT, developed an experienced leadership team, and insourced IT operations from an outside vendor by building Symantec’s next generation secure data center in the company’s virtual private cloud. Sheila also led the effort to split IT operations when Symantec separated its security and information management businesses – a highly successful, transformative initiative accomplished in nine months. Sheila’s role includes oversight of the Global Security Office, and she has established the strategy for “all things security” in an ever-changing and dynamic landscape.

Prior to joining Symantec, Sheila served as senior vice president of Communication and Collaboration IT at Cisco Systems. Within her purview at Cisco were collaboration platforms, user experience and support, and communications, collaboration and mobility services. During her nine-year tenure at Cisco, Sheila’s IT organization was recognized by the industry with awards presented by CITE, InformationWeek and CIO Magazine. She also received the 2010 Cisco Executive Sponsor Catalyst award for her leadership in developing successful relationships with customers, including several Fortune 100 companies.


As more agencies are embracing innovative technologies and leveraging the cloud, Anh Selissen, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and Sheila Jordan, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Symantec will discuss how IT must be at the helm of an organization’s vision and strategy for continued success, empowering and retaining the appropriate workforce, and maximizing the value of technology investments. Sheila will share an overview of Symantec’s transformation journey as they navigate through massive and continuous change, while optimizing technology for efficiency and effectiveness. She will also share Symantec’s security thought leadership on how to continuously secure an ever-changing dynamic environment.

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